Tips for Driving Your Car on Hot Summer Days

By Tokkie Ferreira       Last updated March. 16, 2018

Summer might pose a lot of challenges as discomfort due to heat is at its peak. A lot of outdoor activities are negatively affected, including driving.

Driving in summer heat does not only mean that you will be uncomfortable, it also takes its toll on your car.

There are certainly a few tips that can help you deal with the intense summer heat while driving.

The Cooling System


You need efficient cooling in order to keep your engine from overheating and exposing your vehicle to other damages that will lead to avoidable expenses.

It is necessary to service the coolant in your radiator frequently and repair or replace parts when a need arises.

Never Park Under Direct Sunlight

Where and how you park plays a major role in the experience you have while driving.

The sun becomes more intense during the summer months. One way of avoiding its intensity is to stay away from its direct effect as much as possible.

If you park where the sun rays and radiation hit your car directly, the interior of the car will become hot, uncomfortable and even your steering wheel can become too hot to handle.

The Condition of your Car's Battery

Many of us have experienced battery failure due to extreme cold weather and it is hard to imagine that very hot conditions can lead to the same problem.

During the day when the temperature condition becomes harsh, it is essential to check your battery to ensure that everything is fine and that it is not overheating.

Functional Widescreen Wipers


It is wrong to assume that since it is so hot, a downpour is unlikely. Due to heat and humidity, many hot days can result in torrential rainfall.

If you are embarking on a long journey on a hot summer day, it is recommended that you double check your wipers to see that they are in good condition to avoid any troubles if it rains unexpectedly.

Worn out wipers can cause some damages to your windscreen and can result in costly repairs, so it is better to get it fixed before driving out on a hot day.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Heat always has a noticeable impact on your tyres – it makes them expand. Before you go out in hot summer days, it is necessary to check your tyre pressure and ensure that it's safe to drive.

A low tyre pressure in combination with extreme heat can lead to flat tyres.

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Never Leave Kids and Animals Inside a Car


Never leave a child or an animal in a parked car with the windows closed, especially when the temperature is high.

Heat stroke is a very deadly consequence and can be fatal in some instances.

Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car

Even if you are cautious enough to observe the other tips mentioned above, it is still important to have an emergency kit in your car.

The emergency kit should include things like a first-aid box, water, non-perishable food items, a flashlight, jumper cables and other necessary items.

Getting Car Insurance


Car insurance is the ultimate risk management strategy that can protect you from unforeseen losses.

It will not reduce the heat, but it can protect you from losses that can occur from incidents related to extreme heat. Contact a reputable insurance broker in South Africa to get the best insurance policy based on your needs.

The experience of driving on hot summer days can be uncomfortable and serious, but with the tips above, you can be protected from most adverse effects that can result from it.

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