5 Tips to Prevent Car Theft

By Tokkie Ferreira       Last updated Feb. 1, 2018

Car theft is one of the risks associated with car ownership. Regardless of how safe your city is, incidences of car theft can never be completely eliminated.

There are ways to minimize the chances of your car being stolen. The problem is that many people never consider the important preventative measures until it is too late. The first and most important measure to take is to sign up to a car insurance policy to secure your car even if something does happen.

In this article, we are going to look at simple steps you can take in order to minimize the chances of your car being stolen.

Here are 5 proven tips to prevent car theft:

1. Park Safely


On many occasions, car owners park their cars in an unsafe manner. This is normally due to the fact that they do not expect the possibility of car theft. No matter how bold and clever a car thief is, there are places they can’t get easy access to.

It is practically impossible, for instance, for a car thief to try to break into a car that is parked within the sight of security guards or safer underground parking lots with security cameras. Avoid parking your car around poorly-lit areas.

Carports are safer but it's important that you avoid parking in poorly managed and isolated carports and parking places. As much as possible, try to park your car close to the entrance of an occupied building.

Park as close as possible to an attendant or a security camera. This will deter a car thief from even making the attempt to steal your car.

2. Make Sure Your Vehicle is Properly Locked


Try to develop the habit of double-checking to ensure that your car is securely locked whenever you park it. Do not assume that all the doors are locked, double check to be certain that this is the case before leaving your car.

This may sound like a regular and overemphasized point, but it is the nature of most people to be complacent and forget. No matter how hot the weather is, resist the temptation of leaving the windows of your car open when you park.

Wind up all the windows and close all doors as you park. Also, never leave your engine running even if you are stepping out for a few moments. Put off the engine and lock your car properly before stepping out of sight.

3. Do Not Leave Valuables in the Car


Sometimes car thieves may not have an immediate intention to steal your car, but some valuables that are visibly displayed in the vehicle can capture their attention.

No matter how safe a neighbourhood or parking space is, it is essential that you never leave valuables like bags, purses, laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices on display inside the car.

If you can’t take the valuables with you, ensure that you lock them away in your boot or places where they are not visible.

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4. Have a Functional Alarm System


Alarm systems can be very efficient in thwarting car theft attempts.

While the loud wailing of some alarm systems can scare robbers and make them leave. There are some advanced systems that can alert the police once a car is tampered with.

The alarm system can equally be programmed to alert you personally when your car is tinkered with. There are alarm systems that deactivate your car’s ignition system and require a key, an activator or some verification to restart the car.

While looking for the right alarm system for your vehicle, consult with a professional and be conversant with the systems and their functionality. Have the professional install the right alarm system you are convinced will serve you efficiently.

5. Track Your Car with Auto Recovery Tools


You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your car from thieves. In response to the activities of car thieves, many companies have developed highly sophisticated systems that can help to recover your vehicle when the worst happens.

The major advantage of these tech-based tools is that they are highly advanced and hard to be cracked by criminals. For a start, they help you know where your car is at any particular moment.

Once you are familiar with how the system works, you can take full advantage of the options they offer. Some systems make use of GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle and transmit the signal to police or other law enforcement personnel in your area.

It can also remotely reduce the speed of the car or shut down the ignition system completely. With the options available in most of these systems, it is almost certain that your car will be recovered before any major harm is done.

No matter how safety-conscious you are, car theft is something you can’t completely avoid. By observing the tips provided above, your chances of experiencing car theft will be highly reduced.

In addition to these tips, keep track of all your car keys, be vigilant, park in monitored parking lots and avoid parking too close to the exit of garages or car parks.

Make sure you have an adequate car insurance policy. There is no risk management strategy that can beat insurance.

Consult with an experienced insurance broker to take the first and the most important step in securing your car from potential losses and damages and obtain the right insurance coverage that will take care of your needs if the worst indeed happens.

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